Chen Bo


1976 Born in Anze, Shanxi
Currently living in Beijing


2007    “07 Image File Exhibition”; exhibited work: “Nothing To Do with Art” 2007    “Dialogue and Understanding”; exhibited works: “Dealing with myself”, “My
Banner”, “My Dreamworld”, “ My Melancholy” 2006    “Creating Songzhuang”; exhibited work: “Boundary”; Beijing, China 2006    “TheThird Outside the Paradise”; exhibited works: “Door”, “Cave Dwelling”;
Beijing, China “The First Songzhuang Multimedia Art Festival”; exhibited work: “Opposites”; Beijing, China
2005    “Ambiguous-Uncertain Expression”; exhibited works: “My Wonderworld”, “My Life”, “My Melancholy”
2005    “Ambiguous-Evasive”; exhibited works: “Subway Line 1”, “Five O’Clock In The Evening”, “I”