Gli incubi di Zheng Yuanwu

Dal 18 agosto al 7 settembre presso la Art Gallery di Shanghai la mostra di Zheng Yuanwu, Nightmare.

Nightmare – Zheng Yuanwu’s Solo Exhibition of Ink and Wash
Date: August 18–September 7, 2012,  10am–6pm (daily)
Indirizzo:ART Gallery,East Region Songzhuang,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China
电话/Tel: 8610-51282297, 1370 1078 774 Because I have nothing, I don’t care whether it is with dust or not.

“There’s a peculiar phenomenon that we can read a speechless poem in a painting. A sand in your mind is a wall to stop you from moving forwards, not one in your shoe. If there is a thing, there is of value. If you ignore it, you will learn nothing. A man’s dream makes a real life been of value. Someone wakes up, when someone is still sleeping.  Life is as fantasy as a secret, and is conflict with subconscious reality. It seems that there’s many embarrassment, but we can not change anyone at all.      When the flowers bloom, there is no snow. When there is frost, flowers wither. Sit down and look up to sky, I am with homesickness. Desire provokes man’s side of bestial.   Let’s read a painting with our heart, you will find each painting touch your. Every fantasy fulfills a dream, compensate a brutal world. The works in an exhibition is just like the words in a sentence, connecting them together. “


Cina Rurale, “Children Left Behind”



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