Le nuove opere di James Jean

James Jean

Vi proponiamo le nuove opere di James Jean, il noto artista nel campo della grafica e della creatività che ha realizzato copertine per le serie DC Comics.

L’autore di Taiwan si è trasferito in America a soli 3 anni.

Di recente ha realizzato un film d’animazione Trembled Blossoms, per la collezione primavera/estate 2008 di Prada.

Nel 2008 ha ricevuto i seguenti premi: Leone di bronzo al Cannes Lions Festival 2008, il Best Cover Artist, Eisner Award, San Diego ed il Best Publication Design, Eisner Award, San Diego. Nel 2009 è stato pubblicato il suo libro Process Recess: The Hallowed Seam, vol. 3.

Nello stesso anno ha partecipato a Biennale, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles.

Le immagini







Tips: DC Comics award winning artist James Jean

James Jean is a Taiwanese-American award winning artist and illustrator living in Los Angeles. He was born in Taiwan in 1979 but was raised in New Jersey.

Upon graduating in 2001, he quickly became an acclaimed cover artist for DC Comics, garnering seven Eisner awards, three consecutive Harvey awards, two gold medals and a silver from the Society of Illustrators of LA, and a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators of NY.

He has also contributed to many national and international publications. His clients include Time Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Spin, ESPN, Atlantic Records, Target, Playboy, Knopf, Prada among others.

He has also illustrated covers for the comic book series Fables and The Umbrella Academy, for which he has won six Eisner Awards for “Best Cover Artist” (From Wikipedia)

Foto: http://www.jamesjean.com

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