Air Pollution Control in Guangdong in China: A Strategic Entry Report, 1997 (Strategic Planning Series)


This report puts executives and strategic planners on the fast track.

by Inc Icon Group International (Other Contributor), The Waste Management Research Group

List Price: $99.95
Ring-bound: 178 pages
Publisher: Icon Group International, Inc.; 1997 edition (July 22, 1999)

From the Publisher
Our publications provide timely and reliable market information as a complement to strategic planning processes. For a price well below the cost of a round-trip business-class ticket, the executive has access to the basic factors driving strategic planning. As such, our reports are a ‘one-stop’ shop by giving coverage to both economic, but also political, human resources, entry strategies and legal risk issues. With offices in Europe, Africa and the United States, Icon Group International has a number of specialty research groups. This report was published by the Waste Management Research Group.

From the Author
This report is one of many published by the Waste Management Research Group, a division of Icon Group International, Inc. Other titles we have published of relevance include:
— Agriculture Irrigation Machinery in Argentina: A Strategic Entry Report, 1997

— Air and Noise Pollution Control Equipment in Taiwan: A Strategic Entry Report, 1998

— Air Pollutioin Control Measuring Equipment in Argentina: A Strategic Entry Report, 1997

— Air Pollution Control Equipment in Denmark: A Strategic

Book Description
The first chapter describes the study’s methodology. The second chapter gives an overview of how to strategically access the market, mid-term forecasts of latent demand and accessibility benchmarks. The remaining nine chapters are not industry specific, but instead discuss economic fundamentals, marketing & distribution options, export and direct investment options, and full risk assessments (political, cultural, legal, human resources). Combined, the information provided in this market study is a “one-stop” shop for the strategic planner. Ample statistical benchmarks and comparative graphs are given.


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