Zhou Jirong

Nato nel 1962 nel Guizhou. Immagini, opere, installazioni, curriculum artistico, biografia ed altre informazioni.

Last Memory Series VII


Silk-screen Print

65 x 48 cm

Zhou Jirong
Zhou Jirong

Time.Space.Memory Series II


Silk-screen Print

67 x 47 cm

Zhou Jirong

Beijing No. 6


Silk-screen Print

65 x 92 cm

Beijing No. 111997


Silk-screen Print

58 x 85 cm

Zhou Jirong

Sul sito della Red Gate Gallery è possibile vedere molte altre opere di questo artista.


1962 Born in Xinan, Guizhou Province
1981 Graduated from Guizhou Province Art School, employed by The Cultural Palace, Guizhou
1987 Graduated from the Printmaking Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing
1988 Instructor, Printmaking Department, CAFA
1996 Artist-In-Residence, CAFA’s Studio, Royal Academy of Fine Arts (RAFA), Madrid, Spain
1997-Present: Deputy Head of Printmaking Dept. of CAFA

Solo Exhibitions

1993 CAFA Gallery
1994 The City: Between the Old and the New, Red Gate Gallery
1996 Salamanca University, Salamanca, Spain
Concha Marquez Gallery, Madrid, Spain
1997 Time, Space, Memory – New Prints by Zhou Jirong, Red Gate Gallery
1998 Zhou Jirong – New Prints, Red Gate

Group Exhibitions

1987 Beijing Print Biennial, National Art Gallery of China (NAGC), Beijing
1988 China Modern Art, New York Modern Art Expo, New York, USA
1989 23rd International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Monaco
Young Mainland Printmakers, Taipei, Taiwan
7th National Fine Arts Exhibition, NAGC
3rd Asian Art Biennial, Bangladesh
1991 I Don’t Want to Play Cards with Cezanne, Asia Pacific Museum, California, USA
Beijing — Taipei Modern Print Exhibition, CAFA’s Gallery
1993 20th Century — China, NAGC
Red Gate Gallery at China Art Expo, Guangzhou
1994 New Art From China — Post ’89, Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London
Sino-Japanese Art, Hiroshima, Japan
8th National Works of Excellence Exhibition, NAGC
Red Gate Gallery at China Art Expo, Guangzhou
1995 Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
Change – China Modern Art Exhibition, Switzerland
Red Gate Gallery at China Art Expo, Beijing
1996 Red Gate Gallery 5th Anniversary Exhibition
1997 Three Printmakers from the CAFA, Red Gate Gallery
Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic
China’s Contemporary Printmaking, Portland Art Museum, USA
Research for Asia Printmaking, Hokkaido, Japan
Exhibition of Works Featured in the 1994-1998 BHP Calendars of Contemporary Chinese Art, Red Gate Gallery

1998 Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom, Galerie Otso, Espoo, Finland
Retake: A selected exhibition reviewing Red Gate Artists’ Signature Works curated by Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Red Gate Gallery
Square Studio Exhibition, The Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace
Through The Gate II: Prints and Works on Paper, Red Gate Gallery
Through the Gate III: Involvement and Eschewal, curated by Zhang Zhaohui, Red Gate Gallery
1999 Square Studio, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Center, Bonn, Germany
Square Studio, Shenzhen Art Museum
Through Art to See China Today, “The Tree of Life”, Qingping Gallery, Boston, USA
Clues to the Future: Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing


1987 Beijing No. 1, Excellence Award, Beijing Print Biennial
1989 Beijing No. 3 and Beijing No. 4, Excellence Award, Young Mainland Printmakers Exhibition, Taipei
1991 Beijing No.1, Excellence Award, Beijing — Taipei Modern Print Exhibition, Beijing
1992 Beijing No. 8, Excellence Award, 20th Century — China Exhibition

Reviews, Interviews & Publications

1995 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
Lindy Lee (Australian Artist-In-Residence), Interview March (Unpublished)
Report From Beijing, Susan Dewar, Orientations Magazine, May
Cultural Revolution — China’s Contemporary Artists Show The Country’s Real Face, Jon Spayde, American Express Departures Magazine, Sept/Oct
1996 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
1997 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom, Ladislav Kesner, Chinese Art of the 90’s: Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom, Exhibition Catalogue, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague
1998 Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom, Ladislav Kesner, Chinese Art of the 90’s: Faces and Bodies of the Middle Kingdom Exhibition, Galerie Otso Catalogue, Finland
The Discussion of Chinese Art in the Period of Transformation, Square Studio Catalogue
Artlife: Square Studio, Semi-Sociologist and the Scheme of Alchemist, May-June 1998
Square Studio at International Art Palace, Asian Art News, July/August


Asia Pacific Museum, USA; National Art Gallery of China, Beijing; Ludwig Museum; BHP Company; Concha Marquez Foundation, Spain;
Numerous private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, France, Hong Kong and Beijing.


Zhao Nengzhi

Moglie ottiene il divorzio con una comparsa in Cina


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