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Wang Huaxiang

E’ nato nel 1962 nel Guizhou. Immagini, opere, installazioni, curriculum artistico, biografia e altre informazioni.

Human Being No. 1 (Detail)


Oil on Canvas

194 x 260 cm

Human Being No. 2


Oil on Canvas

194 x 130 cm

Human Being No. 5 2000


Oil on Canvas

116 x 91 cm

Human Being No. 3



53.5 x 40 cm

Human Being No. 8 2000



53.5 x 40 cm

Sul sito della Red Gate Gallery è possibile vedere molte altre opere di questo artista.


1962 Born in Guizhou
1981 Graduated from Guizhou Provincial Art School
1988 Graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing
Present: Lecturer, Printmaking Department, CAFA

Solo Exhibitions

1991 Close-Distance: Wang Huaxiang’s Art, CAFA Gallery, Beijing; Hui Cui Gallery, Guangzhou; Macao Art Center
1996 Between Reality and Nothingness, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong
1999 Non-Existent Reality, Schoeni Gallery
2000 Another Reality, The Watchtower – Contemporary Art, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

1989 The Seventh National Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery of China (NAGC), Beijing
1990 Fine Specimens of Contemporary Chinese Art, Japan
1991 Beijing-Taipei Print Exhibition, CAFA Gallery
A New Generation, Chinese History Museum, Beijing
1992 Spanish International Print Exhibition, Spain
1993 Grand Exposition of Twentieth Century China, NAGC
China’s New Art, Post-89, Marlborough Gallery, London; Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong
1995 Asia New Trend Exposition, Hong Kong Conference Center
Taipei Art Exposition, Taiwan
Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings: From Realism to Post Modernism, Belgium
Hong Kong Asia Exposition
Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings, Bangkok, Thailand
Images of Femininity II, Schoeni Gallery
1996 Schoeni Gallery Opening Exposition, Hong Kong
Force of Line: An Invitation Exhibition of Drawings at Home and Abroad, New York
1997 Chinese Dream, Yan Huang Gallery, Beijing
1998 A Revelation of the 20 Years Contemporary Chinese Art, International Art Exposition, New York
Chinese Character in the Eyes of the Artists, San Francisco
The First Exhibition of Square Studio, International Art Palace, Beijing
1999 Square Studio, Shenzhen Art Museum
Square Studio, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Center, Bonn, Germany
2000 “Gate of the Century” 1979 – 1999 Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu
Clues to the Future: Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing


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