Sui Jiangguo

É nato nel 1956 a Qingdao. Immagini, opere, installazioni, curriculum artistico, biografia ed altre informazioni.

Interactive Sculpture Series


Granite, Copper

56 x 38 x 20 cm

Sui Jiangguo
Sui Jiangguo

Interactive Sculpture Series


Stone, Bird Cage

70 x 45 x 45 cm


Sui Jiangguo





Sul sito della Red Gate Gallery è possibile vedere molte altre opere di questo artista.

1956 Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province
1984 Graduated from Fine Arts Dept. of Shandong Institute of Fine Arts
1989 Graduated from the Sculpture Dept., Central Academy of Fine Arts, (CAFA) Beijing
1989-97 Associate Professor, Sculpture Dept., CAFA
Present Head of Sculpture Dept., CAFA

Solo Exhibitions
1994 Memory Space – Works of Sui Jianguo, Beijing
Exhibition Series, Sui Jianguo’s Sculpture, CAFA Gallery
Exhibition of Sui Jianguo’s Sculpture, Hannart Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1995 Deposit and Fault, New Delhi Cultural Research Centre, India
1996 Sui Jianguo Sculpture, Hannart, Hong Kong
1997 Meeting the Shadow of 100 Years, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
1999 Clothes Viens Studying, Passage Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

1986 Shandong New Artist Exhibition, Jinan
1990 First Studio, Beijing
1992 Position ’92, CAFA, Beijing
Contemporary Young Sculptors, National Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), Hangzhou
1993 China’s New Art Post ’89, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Mao Goes Pop China’s New Art Post ’89, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Sui Jianguo & Wang Keping Sculptures, China Contemporary Arts Centre, Osaka, Japan
1994 Sculpture 1994, CAFA, Beijing
Object and It’s Imagination, Hiroshima, Japan
1995 From the Middle Kingdom, Exhibition of Chinese Avant-garde Art, Barcelona, Spain
Plan for Development, CAFA, Beijing
Women . Site, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing
1996 Exhibition of Works Nominated by Art Critics, Jiangsu Art Magazine, Beijing
International Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Fudaoka, Japan
From the East of Asia, Installation & Painting – 1996, OXY Gallery, Kodama Gallery, Osaka, Japan
The First Academic Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, National Art Gallery of China, Beijing;
China Oil Painting Gallery, Hong Kong
1997 A Point of Contact – Korean Chinese Japanese Contemporary Art, Taegu Art & Culture Hall, Taegu, Korea
Sui Jianguo & Li Gang Contemporary Chinese Sculpture, Red Gate Gallery
Chinese dream, Beijing
Retake – 5 people Exhibition, CAFA
1998 1998 Retake: A Selected Exhibition Reviewing Red Gate Artists’ Signature Works, Red Gate Gallery
Life: The Persistence of Memories and Drive for the Future, Wan Fung Art Gallery
Im Spiegel Der Eigenen Tradition, (Tradition and Thinking), Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, German Embassy, Beijing
Personal Touch, TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin
A Revelation of 20 Years of Contemporary Chinese Art, Working Peoples Cultural Palace, Beijing
1999 China 1999, Limn Galleries, San Francisco
Transience: Chinese Art at the End of the 20th Century, The Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago Thirteenth Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka
“Volume and Form” City-Wide Sculpture Exhibition, Singapore
Innovations II, Chinese Art Archives & Warehouse, Beijing
Departure from China, A New Chinese Art Exhibition, Design Museum, Beijing
Four Person Show, Beijing Art Warehouse, Beijing
Les Champs De La Sculpture 2000, Paris, France
Avant-Guarde in China, Galerie Loft, Paris
The Second Annual Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
“Gate of the Century” 1979 – 1999 Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu
Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum
Clues to the Future: Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Reviews, Publications and Selected Mentions

1991 1991 Stone Shows Sculptor’s Idea, Xin Hua, China Daily, April 2, No. 5
1992 Echo, Sui Jianguo, Fine Art Research, Vol. 2 No 66
1993 1993 Sui Jianguo’s Modern Sculpture, Yang Yuepu, Beijing Youth Daily, May 25, No. 8
1994 1994 A Deposit and a Fault, Shi Ping, Chinese Science Association Newsletter, May 15, No. 4
The Sculptural Consciousness, Li Xianting, Beijing Youth Daily, June 14, No. 3
Space is Alive – Five Young Sculptors Discussion, Zhang Lin, Ling Song, The Chinese Ink Art Garden Vol. 3
A Deposit and a Fault, Mo Shi, Literature Journal of Wuhan University, Vol 8, Vol. 3
Sui Jianguo Sculptural Works, Literature Journal, Vol. 8
Sui Jianguo’s Sculpture, Contemporary, Vol. 5 No. 3
The Spiritual Meeting : Non-movement Competition in Asian Olympic Games, Ming Bao Weekend, October 9
1995 1995 A Discussion on Five Modern Sculptors Work, Sculpture, Vol. 2
Taking Upon Himself the Pressures of Life – An Interview from the artist’s workshop, Mo Shi, Gallery, No. 3
Sui Jianguo and the Sculptural Dilemma, Susan Dewar, Asia Pacific Sculpture News, Winter
1996 1996 Hanart presents Sui Jianguo, Asia Pacific Sculpture News, Vol. 2, No. 1
The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Shu Jiang, Art Gallery Magazine, No.
1997 Entertainment, China Daily, September 6, No. 6
Academic Sculpture Selection, Fine Arts Literature, Vol. 8
Exhibition Review, Karen Smith, Asian Art News, Autumn
China Avant-garde, Youichi Maki, Chinese Library, Vol. 10, Tokyo
Sui Jianguo’s Works, Fine Art Observation, Vol 7
Portrait of the Artist Sui Jianguo, Ma Qin Zhong, Artlife, July/August
Sui Jianguo’s Works, Fine Art Research, No. 3
An Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture by Sui Jianguo, Beijing Weekend, No. 297, No. 298
Asian Artnotes, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Australian Art Monthly, September, No. 103
Sculpture in Beijing, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Australian Art Monthly, November, No. 105
1998 Sui Jianguo/Li Gang, Robert Leonard, Art/Text, p. 60
Sculpture: The Extension of Idea and Terminology, Huang Du, Artlife, Jan/Feb
Zhu Wenfan, A Book of Outstanding Personalities from Shandong Art College, Shandong Pictorial No. 276, Issue 10, pp 52.

1994 UNESCO – Aschberg International Foundation for the Promotion of Culture
1997 Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University Travel Grant for Young Asian Scholar

Private collections in Beijing, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Italy, Australia, Japan Scotland and USA


Su Xinping

Tan Ping


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