Liu Qinghe

E’ nato nel 1961 a Tianjin. Immagini, opere, installazioni, curriculum artistico, biografia e altre informazioni.



Chinese Painting

140 x 120 cm

Hiking 1998


Chinese Painting

67 x 67 cm

Melting 2003


Chinese Ink Painting

55 x 55 cm

Lake Scenery No. 1


Chinese Ink Painting

186 x 96 cm

Liu Qinghe
Liu Qinghe


Chinese Ink Painting

280 x 180 cm

Sul sito della Red Gate Gallery è possibile vedere molte altre opere di questo artista.


1961 Born in Tianjin City
1981 Graduated from the Tianjin School of Arts and Crafts
1987 Graduated from the Folk Art Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing
1989 Graduated with a Masters Degree from the Chinese Painting Dept., CAFA
1992 1992 Residency at the Royal Academy of Fine Art (RAFA) studio in Madrid, Spain
Present Assistant Professor, Chinese Painting Dept., CAFA

Solo Exhibitions

1993 Liu Qinghe — Chinese Paintings, RAFA, Madrid, Spain
Liu Qinghe, Sephira Galeria, Madrid Spain
1994 Recent Paintings, Red Gate Gallery
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1996 Guangzhou ‘Gate’ Salon
Ink and Wash Paintings, Shenzhen Art Museum
1996 Feelings — Exhibition of Chinese Paintings, Red Gate Gallery
1997 Walk in the Clouds — Recent Works, Red Gate Gallery
1998 The Shore — Recent Ink and Wash Painting, Red Gate Gallery
1999 Wind – Night – Exhibition of New Chinese Paintings, Red Gate Gallery
On the Border, The Watchtower — Contemporary Art, Beijing
2000 The Works of Liu Qinghe, Central Academy of Fine Arts. Beijing
2001 The State of Ink Paintings, Qinghua University Art Department

Group Exhibitions

1981 2nd National Exhibition of Young Artists, National Art Gallery of China (NAGC)
1985 Academy Show, Chen Lie Hall, CAFA
1988 Four Painters Exhibition, CAFA Gallery
1990 Chinese Painting Exhibition, Sino-Japanese Exchange Centre, Beijing
Chinese Figure Painting Invitational Exhibition, Chinese Painting Research Institute, Beijing
1991 New Generation Art, Chinese Museum of History, Beijing
1992 20th Century – China, NAGC
1993 First National Exhibition of Chinese Painting, NAGC
1994 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition, NAGC
Red Gate Gallery at China Art Expo, Guangzhou
1995 Red Gate Gallery at China Art Expo, Beijing
1996 Red Gate Gallery 5th Anniversary Exhibition
’96 National Exhibition – Trends in Chinese Ink Painting, NAGC
Figurative Chinese Painting Invitational Exhibition, Gallery of International Art Palace, Beijing
1997 Exhibition of Works Featured in the 1994 – 1998 BHP Calendars of Contemporary Chinese Art, Red Gate Gallery
Guangzhou International Invitational Art Fair, Guangzhou
’97 Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Fair, Shanghai
Exhibition of Works by Famous Contemporary Chinese Artists, Zhuhai
1998 1998 Retake: A Selected Exhibition Reviewing Red Gate Artists’ Signature Works curated by Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Red Gate Gallery
1999 Urban Yearnings: Portraits of Contemporary China by Liu Qinghe, Su Xinping and Zhang Yajie, Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco
Chinese Ink Painting of CAFA Teachers, NAGC
Exhibition of Chinese Watercolour Works, Teachers of CAFA, NAGC
Extension of Ink & Wash – Chinese Ink & Wash Portrait Exhibition The Tree of Life, Qingping Gallery, Boston, USA
Urban Yearnings – A Collection of Contemporary Experimental Inkwash Drawings, Guangdong, Shenzhen
1999 Chinese Contemporary Artists Invitational Exhibition, Tianjin Art Museum
“Gate of the Century” 1979 – 1999 Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, Chinese Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu
New Chinese Painting Exhibition, Shanghai
Shenzhen Second International Ink and Wash Biennale, Shenzhen
Exhibition of Shanghai Art Museum’s Collection, Shanghai
Between the Lines, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia
The Distinct Color of Ink, China Contemporary Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, China Museum
Extending the Ink, China Contemporary Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, China Museum
First National Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, Dalian
Clues to the Future: Red Gate Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing


1985 Academy Show, Second Prize, Chen Lie Hall, CAFA
1994 The 8th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Gold Prize of Beijing Exhibition, NAGC

Reviews, Mentions, Interviews and Publications

1994 Facing Human Life – A Discussion on Liu Qinghe’s Figurative Ink Painting, Yin Shuangxi, Chinese Painting, No. 2,
Out of Chinese Painting, Yi Ying, Beijing Youth Daily and Journal of Chinese Painting Research, July
The Chinese Painting of Liu Qinghe, Qian Zhijian, The Peoples’ Daily, July
1995 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
Report From Beijing, Susan Dewar, Orientations, May
The Language of Liu Qinghe’s Chinese Painting, Pi Li, Gallery
1997 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
’97 the Voice of Chinese Painting Exhibition Catalogue
Guangzhou International Invitational Art Fair Catalogue
1998 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
Exhibition Commentary – Sun Shower, ART AsiaPacific, Issue 1, 1998
CNN Arts Club Interview
Washington Post Interview
Blending Tradition and Contemporary, Nicky Combs, Asian Art News, July/August, p. 76
Made in China, Britta Eriksen, LIMN, Issue 2, 1998
1999 BHP Calendar of Contemporary Chinese Art
Chinese Ink Paintings of Liu Qinghe, Hebei Educational Press
Dialogue with Yu Ding, Hunan Fine Art Press
Interviews with Famous Artists, (Chinese Painting Section), Hunan Fine Art Press
Embracing Modernity, Artist Magazine
2001 Fan Di’an, The Distinct Color of Ink, Exhibition Catalogue
Yi Ying, From Light Rain to Shooting Stars, Interview with Liu Qinghe on His Art


BHP Company, Australian Embassy, Beijing, Beijing Traditional Chinese Painting Research Institute, Shenzhen Art Museum, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Spain, Sephira Galeria, Spain.
Numerous private collections in Australia, Austria, USA, Israel, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Beijing


Liu Jianghua

Lu Peng


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