Liang Shuo

E’ nato nel 1953 a Beijing. Immagini, opere, installazioni, curriculum artistico, biografia ed altre informazioni.

Spring and Autumn 2001



Clone No. 3





Rose Chair


Two-Face Man2001



Sul sito della Red Gate Gallery è possibile vedere molte altre opere di questo artista.

1953 Born in Beijing, China
1972-80 Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing
1980-86 English / German Literature Studies , Beijing and Vienna
1994 Started working as professional artist

Solo Exhibitions

1994 Qing Qing Chen Sculpture Exhibition, Century Gallery, Beijing
1995 Head Sculpture installation, Studio Fortschnitt
Home installation, Modern Art Museum, Vienna
1996 Qing Qing Chen Light Installation Art Exhibition, Afro – Asiatische Institut, Vienna Desire Beijing
1997 City Light Series, Gallery Wort und Bild, Vienna
1998 Nomad of the Soul, AAL – Gallery Karl Strobe, Vienna
Qing Qing Chen Mixed Media Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
1999 Qing Qing Solo Exhibition, Gallery Chinese Contemporary
2002 Qing Qing Is Back! – Qing Qing’s 2nd Solo Exhibition , Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

1996 Point and Line, Calligraphy and installation double exhibition, Gallery Atrium de Art, Vienna
1997 Intuition, Experience, Concept, installation, Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1998 Vivre Life, Group Exhibiton, Wan Fung Gallery , Beijing
Forest Textile Installation Festival, Austria, Second prize
Corruptionists, public exhibition space, Beijing
1999 Wonanifesto II, Second Internatonal Wonan¡¯s Art Exchange, Saranron Park, Bangkok
2000 Semi Tranparent, Double exhibition, Shanghai, China
EXPO 2000 , Hanover, Germany
Documentation of Chinese Avant-Garde Art in 90’s, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
Phenomenon Art Exhibition, Gallery FAN, Beijing

Performance Art

1997 Air Revolution International Art Performance Conference 5, Bankok, Thailand
1998 Culture Fish, Vienna, Austria
1999 Born to be a Woman Second International Woman’s Art Exchange, Bangkok, Thailand
Ambiguity Summer 1999, Beijing
2000 Man-nade Man, Gallery Chinese Contemporary, London
Art circle, Yuangong Art Gallery, Shanghai

Reviews, Mentions, Interviews and Publications

Qing Qing Installation, Chinese Contemporary Art, Chinese Contemporary Arts 90,
China Art Today, China New-Art, Jiangsu Art Monthly, Art circle, The Cultural World of the Chinese, Sanlian Shenghuo Zhoukan, Musical Life, Cultural Times, Original, Zhongshan Literature Bimonthly, World Youth, Wenyiyanjiu, Wision 21, Design Today, Xinmin Weekly, Figaro, Frends , Departure from China, Look, Corruptionists, Culture and Morals, China Foreign Service, China Women’s News, die Dresse, Forum, Bankok Metro, Beijing Scene, City Edition, Art World.


The works are being collected from colecters of Austria, German, Kenya, America, Austrilia, Belgium, China etc.


Liu Yi

Liu Hong


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