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Dante Lam, Biografia, immagini, filmografia

Dante Lam è un regista di Hong Kong nato il primo luglio del 1964.

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He started his flm career in the late 1980s as assistant director for renowned Hong Kong director Gordon Chan. He then became co-director with Gordon Chan  for Beast Cop. Since then Lam has directed numerous successful films.


1997: Option Zero
1998: Beast Cop
2000: Jiang Hu – The Triad Zone (Forum 2001)
Hit Team
2002: Tiramisu
Twins Effect
2003: Naked Ambition
2004: Love on  the Rocks
Battle of Wits
2005: Storm Rider
2006: Undercover Hidden Dragon
Red Star
2007: Snipers
2008: The Beast Stalker


Ching yan – The Beast Stalker

Claustrophobia di Ivy Ho


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