Li Ying

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Born in 1963. Li Ying began directing documentary films for China Central Television (CCTV) in 1984. He went to Japan in 1989 to carry out research on principles of visual anthropology . In 1993, he co-founded Dragon Films Inc. to create both TV programs and film productions. His first film ‘2H’ was made in 1998. It was the first Chinese-directed film shot in Japan. Since then he has worked on films that are integration of documentary and feature films in both Japan and China.

1998 2H (120min)

Berlin Film Festival, NETPAC Prize
Hong Kong Film Festival, FIPRESCI Award

1999 Mao Zedong’s Private Archive: The Mysterious Film of the Peking Opera( 60min TV documentary)

2000 FLYING FLYING (118min)

Berlin Film Festival

2001 Beijing Film Academy :A Tale of Dreams(120min, HD documentary)

Hoso-Bunka Foundation Prize(Japan)
ATP Outstanding Documentary Prize(Japan)

2002 Dream Cuisine(134min)

Berlin Film Festival
Marseille International Documentary Film Festival MARSEILLE ESPERANCE Prize

2006 MONA LISA(110min)

Berlin Film Festival



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