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Leslie Cheung

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FILMOGRAFIA di LESLIE CHEUNG – Kwok-wing (Hong Kong 9.12.1956 – 31.03.2003)


Erotic dreams of the red chamber (1978)
Teenage dreamers (1982)
Energetic 21 (1982)
Nomad (1982)
The drummer (1983)
First time (1983)
Little dragon maid (1983)
Behind the yellow line (1984)
Merry Christmas (1984)
The intellectual trio (1985)
Crazy romance (1985)
For your heart only (1985)
Last song in Paris (1986)
A better tomorrow (1986)
A chinese ghost story (1987)
A better tomorrow II (1987)
Rouge (1988)
Fatal love (1988)
Aces go places V (1989)
A chinese ghost story II (1990)
Days of being wild (1990)
The banquet (1991)
Once a thief (1991)
All’s well end’s well (1992)
Arrest the restless (1992)
The bride with white hair (1993)
The bride with white hair 2 (1993)
All’s well end’s well, too (1993)
The eagle shooting heroes (1993)
Farewell to my concubine – Addio mia concubina (1993)
It’s a wonderful life (1994)
He’s a woman a man, she’s a man (1994)
Long and winding road (1994)
Over the rainbow, under the skirt (1994)
Ashes of time (1994)
The chinese feast (1995)
The Phantom lover (1995)
TriI-star (1996)
Temptress moon (1996)
Shangai grand (1996)
Who’s the woman, who’s the man (1996)
Viva erotica (1996)
Happy together (1997)
Ninth happiness (1998)
Anna Magdalena (1998)
The kid (1999)
A time to remember (1999)
Moonlight express (1999)
Double tap (2000)
And I hate you so (2000)
Okinawa: redenz-vous (2000)
Inner senses (2002)


The phantom lover (1995)


The bride with white hair (1993)
The phantom lover (1995)
Who’s the woman, who’s the man (1996)

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