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Screenplay/Director: Su, Chao-Pin
Su Chao-pin was educated in a most unusual way — for a screenwriter. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, then went on to get his master’s degree from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, where he specialized in human-computer interaction. He had just been accepted to pursue another degree at one of the world’s most prestigious technology think-tanks, the M.I.T. Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts… when the film bug hit him.

In fact, between finishing his master’s degree in 1996, and applying to the Media Lab in 1999, Su had started to work in the entertainment arena, working as a freelance creative director for MTV Mandarin, for which he created cutting-edge, on-air promotional pieces. Once he made his decision to abandon a scientific career, things moved quickly. Su’s first produced screenplay was for the television film, A GOOD DAY TO DIE. The film aired on Toho TV in Japan in April, 2000, and starred Miki Mizuno and Takashi Kashiwabara.

His second produced screenplay was for the feature, THE CABBIE (2000), co-directed by Chang Hwa-Kun and Chen Yi-Wen. The film won a special Jury Award at Taiwan’s 2000 Golden Horse Film Festival, and was selected for the 2001 Berlin Film Festival.

Su, Chao-Pin is one of Taiwan’s talents with rare instinct in developing commercial screenplay. His commercial track record as a screenwriter includes DOUBLE VISION (2004), TWENTY SOMETHING TAIPEI (2002), and BETTER THAN SEX (2001). DOUBLE VISION and THREE: GOING HOME (2002) had a total gross of over 100 million NT dollars at the box office. He produced TWENTY SOMETHING TAIPEI grossing over 10 million NT dollars in Hong Kong, a remarkable record for a Taiwan film for the territory.

Regia / Director

Guisi – Silk

Tso-Chi Chang

He Jianjun


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