A Day Out

Di Jong Yoon Lee

Biography and filmography of the director-

Director : Jong-yoon Lee
Producer : Ky, Joe
Screen Writer : Jong-yoon Lee
Cinematographer : Hyun-sung Kim
Editor : Jong-yoon Lee
Lighting : Se-moon Park
Art Director : Hyeon-mu Sin
Sound : Sun-seong Lee
Cast : Yu-hyeon Kim, Jae-won Lee, Gyeong Yu

Film Synopsis

Private Kim and sergeant Lee go out for off-duty time at saturday afternoon.
After night party, they stay at a motel to sleep.
Sergeant Lee gives to private Kim a direct order that private Kim have to take a shower while he has a sex with that prostitute.

Director’s Bio

Jong yoon Lee was born in 1971, and graduated in Film at ChoongAng University.

He was an assistant director in feature?Nightmare?(2000), ?Who are you?(2002). ?A day out?was presented by Korean Film Council and awarded Special Prize at Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2005. And also screened at Vancouver International Film Festival, Tokyo Image Forum.


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